Crazy Horse

This sketch is believed by many to be the most (and only) likeness known of the famed Oglala warrior. are taking my land from me; you are killing off our game so it is hard for us to live. Now you tell us to work for a living. Again you ask, why do you not become civilized? We do not want your civilization! We would live as our fathers did, and their fathers before them.

(1840 - 1877)

        Crazy Horse was both a medicine man, a mystic who possessed legendary powers.  These qualities also made him a revered and feared Oglala warrior.   After leading the final charge against George Custer's 7th Cavalry at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, Crazy Horse eventually surrendered to federal troops at the Red Cloud Agency in order to save his people further hardships.  When he was tricked into surrendering at Fort Robinson he was killed by a bayonette wielded by one of his captors during a scuffle.  According to his own father, Crazy Horse was 37 years old when he died. (Click here for more on Crazy Horse)