The resources presented in this section are not encyclopedic, by any means, but they should provide students, teachers, and the curious with an excellent starting point to begin further investigations and/or inquiry into the role of law, Indian treaties, and other cultural forces which aided in the 'great expansion' of the United States of America from the eastern seaboard to the Pacific Ocean.    

          The resources listed here do not pretend to be comprehensive, but they should give students, professors, amateur historians, and a curious public, a solid place to commence further journeys into our national story.

  • Bibliography

    The Bibliography gives an excellent overview of both historical and contemporary resources in print. In addition to these volumes, the Library of Congress' American Memory Collection is an extraordinary resource for maps and documents (among many other things).

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  • American Indian Treaties

    The American Indian Treaties section is not a complete listing of all Indian treaties ratified by the U.S. Senate, but the summaries provided give a general overview of the treaty process as it moved west across the continent, and links to a complete compendium of treaties has been provided for those who wish to hunt down a treaty not listed here.

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  • Government and Tribal information resources

    The Government and Tribal Information Resources lists most of the government web sites which pertain to Indian nations, and the web sites sponsored by the tribes themselves provide an excellent starting point for anyone wishing to learn more about specific Indian tribes.

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  • Federal Indian Law - a primer

    And finally, Federal Indian Law, a primer, is a cursory overview of the origins of federal Indian law, in history, and a review of some of the more important cases which have shaped federal Indian law in the past two hundred years.

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  • Videos

    A list of informative videos

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  • The Sound and the Fury: Oratory of Conquest

    Native America's greatest oratory soars across the centuries with eloquence, passion, political insight, and moral authority that would be the envy of Cicero's most gifted students.

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