Harold Ickes

The appointment of Dillon Myers as Indian commissioner has given the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Congress the license to disregard past promises, and to repeat past mistakes, without awareness of either.

(1874 - 1952)

Secretary of the Interior, Franklin Roosevelt administration


          Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes - a principal member President Franklin Roosevelt's 'brain trust' - was a fierce defender of native rights.  While Roosevelt's commissioner of Indian Affairs, John Collier, was the chief architect of the Indian Reorgnization Act, and assistant soliciter Felix Cohen wrote Handbook on Federal Indian Law, it often fell to Mr. Ickes to implement the government's new Indian policies in Indian Country.  Secretary Ickes was also the administration's most forceful promoter of the Bureau of Reclamation's Sloan Plan for regulating the Missouri River. Click here for more on Harold Ickes.