Cat Nose

Arapaho homelands

I thank the Great Spirit for putting us on this earth. It is a good earth. We Arapaho hope there will be no more fighting on it. We are tired of the fighting, but we are glad to fight when we must. But we hope it will be no more. We hope that the water will fall from the sky and make the grass grow and bring plenty of buffalo. I come to tell you that we have heard your words, and we think there is much good in what you say. We will go home from here satisfied if we do not have to watch our horses at night, or be afraid for the safety of the women and children. We have to live on these streams and in the hills. I would be glad if the whites would pick out a place for themselves and not come into our country anymore. That is all I have to say.

 The revered Arapaho chief who negotiated the tribes 'permanent' homeland at the treaty council of Horse Creek.