Cathleen O'Connel, Re-enactments producer

Cathleen O'Connelwill serve as Recreations Producer forSavages and Scoundrels.  Ms. O'Connel was Series Producer and Recreations Producer for American Experience'sWe Shall RemainSeries.  Other recent productions for O'Connell' include American Experience'sJohn and Abigail Adams, Reconstruction: The Second Civil War andThey Made America for WGBH's History Unit. She was a producer for PBS'sLivelyhood: Planet Work and directed the independent filmTime Capsule: Message in a Bottle. Her previous work with Native communities includes filming on the Catawba reservation for the national PBS outreach campaignMany Faces/Many Voices, documenting Ojibwe musical traditions for the PBS seriesThe Mississippi: A River of Song, and producing and editing a video for the Fort Mojave Tribe about their cultural preservation work.